A mountain to climb

I did not know why my hormones have given me a keen sense of smell after my last pregnancy. It has been a mountain to climb, to learn that my last pregnancy realigned my sense of smell into a different world. A canine kind of world.

I had a very hard time going back  to work, going to parties, and other social events. I could smell places, people, and objects that I never knew they held a smell. My life was very complicated, I had to use scarfs full of oils, essential oils. Some brands of essential oils did not work for more than a few hours at a time. I had headaches, and I was throwing up a lot. Relatives thought I was pregnant again.

When we went out to restaurants, I could smell if they had dirty water when then mopped the floor earlier, I could smell their cleaners, the windex or whatever toxic cleaner they use in their restaurant. I will just walked out. Sometimes I could even smell the sewage, and I could smell if the cooks smoke around the restaurant. My husband thought it was crazy how I could explain and identified food he had eaten for lunch.

I was saved when I finally found doTerra Essential Oils. The essential oils lasted for days only with a few drops. I remember not knowing much and getting really hyper with Peppermint. I learned very quickly how efficient and potent there were—they are. They still are potent now.  One drop at a time.

So yes, I decided that doTerra was a solution for my situation. I decided to learn about essential oils in what started out as a need, became more of a solution, then I decided to do as a business.

I have a team that supports me, and I am creating my own team. In the following blogs I will go into what I do for my team, and if you are currently seeking for a doTerra Team I will more than happy to talk to you in detail. You can start just by having a customer account and experience my leadership. At the same time you will be benefiting from the use of the essential oils.

You can contact me using the contact form here or you can check out my doTerra website to explore why I have chosen doTerra. Cynthia Shay doTerra Website



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